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Class Action

The Gregory Law Group has over 25 years experience handling class action claims. Our attorney and paralegal team work together to help you and the persons who you represent in a class action ("Class Members") to achieve a substantial settlement that is fair and reasonable.

The Gregory Law Group has handled class action law suits for many different areas, including:

  1. Failure of an employer to pay its retirees healthcare benefits after they retire: the Gregory Law Group represented 1,000 persons who worked for a large Arizona employer who had promised to pay them lifetime healthcare benefits once they retired. The company later withdrew this promise after persons worked for the company for as much as 30 years. The Gregory Law Group sued the company on behalf of 1,000 retirees and their families and were successful in securing a multi-million dollar settlement

  2. Sexual harassment: the Gregory Law Group represented over 20 women who were systematically sexually harassed by managers and co-workers at a major retailer for several years. The company and its management team denied the allegations. The Gregory Law Group sued the company and was successful in securing a six-figure settlement on behalf of the women.

Let us help you receive what you deserve. The Gregory Law Group has settled claims for millions of dollars and has significant experience litigating class action law suits.

When Does It Make Sense To File a Class Action Claim

Some wrongs are so widespread that not just one person has been harmed. Sometimes, the actions of others, including employers, extends to hundreds or thousands of people. It doesn't always make sense for every single person who has been wronged to file a lawsuit. Instead, a single person or a few persons, known as Class Representatives, can file a class action lawsuit on behalf of themselves and all other persons who have been similarly harmed. This allows all of the cases to be resolved in a single lawsuit, thus allowing the matter to be resolved more quickly and much more efficiently. 


Call The Gregory Law Group at (480) 664-0855 and let us help you with your claim.

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