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Medical Product Liability

The Gregory Law Group has over 25 years experience handling product liability claims. Our attorney and paralegal team work together to help take the stress from you after you or a loved one has suffered injury due to a failed medical device, and to help you achieve a substantial settlement that is fair and reasonable.

The Gregory Law Group has handled all types of medical product liability claims, including:

  1. Failed pacemaker

  2. Improper spinal reconstruction hardware

  3. Laser vaginal rejuvenation device

  4. Improper surgical equipment

  5. Defective cardiac catheterization equipment

Let us help you receive what you deserve. The Gregory Law Group has settled claims for millions of dollars and has significant experience litigating against all types of medical providers and medical device manufacturers.

How to Make Out a Claim for Medical Device Product Liability

As the person making the claim against a medical device manufacturer, you bear the burden of proving that the medical provider and/or the manufacturer was negligent and that you suffered an injury. Claims for medical device liability differ from claims for medical negligence, although it is often the case that a lawsuit against a medical device manufacturer will include a claim against the doctor using that device.


Medical products liability cases occur when a person is injured from a defective medical product or drug and did not receive fair and adequate warning about the potential harmful side effects of that device or drug. As a patient, you have the right to make an informed choice about the medical care you receive, including the right to reject treatment that you believe is unsafe. 

There are many examples of medical products that can be defective and dangerous, including:

  1. Stents

  2. Laser vaginal rejuvenation devices

  3. Breast implants

  4. Stents

  5. Cauterization equipment

  6. Pacemakers

  7. Kidney dialysis filters

  8. Mesh implants

  9. IUDs

  10. Prosthetic limbs

Statute of Limitations

In Arizona, you have two years from the date of the alleged injury from a defective medical device to file your lawsuit. Sometimes, the time between your injury and when you file the lawsuit can be extended if you did not discover your injury until later. It is always the best and safest practice to contact an attorney soon after you realize or suspect an injury caused by a medical provider to ensure that you timely file a lawsuit.


Call The Gregory Law Group at (480) 664-0855 and let us help you with your claim.

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